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Well, we made it! The 2009-2010 Code Blue Season officially ended April 1, 2010. Over the course of the winter, we were open 48 nights and served 22 different men. Over 150 volunteers helped make it a successful season!

If you volunteered, donated, prayed, or supported us in some other way, THANK YOU for all you did to make this a successful ministry. These men would not have been served without your help.

In the upcoming months, a Steering Committee will be established to evaluate the Code Blue ministry at Trinity. Among the conversations they will be having is whether or not to open the shelter again next year, and how to make it even more successful in years to come.

As a part of that process, we are asking folks who volunteered this winter to complete a survey about your experience as a volunteer at the Code Blue Shelter. Please click here to access our 20 question survey. Thank you in advance for giving a little bit of your time to help evaluate and create an even better shelter experience for upcoming seasons.

If you are interested in being a part of the Steering Committee or participating in other Shelter leadership roles, or if you are interested in serving on an outreach team, please note that where indicated on the survey. Or, you can email me.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU again for all you did this winter to provide a warm, dry, safe place for these men to sleep.

P.S. Check this blog often during the summer–just because it isn’t cold outside, doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do! I will continue blogging about our outreach and other Shelter-related activities during the summer. Some survey results and Steering Committee decisions will also be posted.


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